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Look at Our Mix and Master Special, Just $250 per song.
Simply send us your multitrack session and leave the rest to us. You will receive a fully finished, professionally mixed and mastered song that is ready to be released. This is just one of the extra services that we can provide. Vocal tuning is also a speciality of ours and we can fix most vocal problems. Drum Overdubs is another speciality and we work only with the best drummers in the business. Replacing programmed drums with the real thing brings a song to life, adding feel and excitement to your songs.

Look at our unbeatable rates:

Vocal Tuning: $75 per song

Drum Overdubs:
1 song $350
2 songs $600
3 songs $790
4 songs $1100
5 songs $1290
6 songs $1300
7 songs $1390
8 songs $1480
9 songs $1570
10 song special $1700

Other individual instrument overdub rates are available upon request. Call or email us now for more information. Telephone: [615] 266 0908 or email us at

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